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How do I join the Passport Program?

If you serve food and/or drinks on or near 82nd Avenue there’s a good chance you qualify to join the passport program. Fill out the survey below and we'll reach out with information about next steps.


Note: Program participation is determined by the 82nd Avenue Business Association

What happens when I join?

PEOPLE: You will provide us with the main point of contact at your business and a second point of contact just in case they’re busy.

PRIZES: You will let us know what prizes or discounts you would like to offer to people who complete their passport books. You are free to offer other special menu items if you choose.

POSTERS: Participating businesses will get an event teaser poster for their window a few weeks ahead of the event.

PASSPORTS: We will supply you with an optional packet of passports that your patrons can buy for $5 (You keep the $5!). We just ask that you let us know who purchased the passport and when. We will also supply you with the passport stamp to use for acknowledging that the person ate at your establishment. 

PROMOTION: We will provide advertising to get people dining out!

Does it cost money to join the Program?

No! Program participation is free to all current members of the 82nd Avenue Business Association. All you pay for is the cost of purchasing new passports when you run out, and any passport swag/prizes you choose to provide passport participants.

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My business or organization isn't on 82nd, can I still sponsor this program?

Yes! We have sponsorship options available for organizations that want to support local events and dining experiences in Portland. You can learn more about our sponsorship options from the PDF linked below.

Thanks for applying, we'll be in contact shortly!

Apply to be a sponsor

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